About Us

pic1Lapcare Data Recovery Services, The Data Recovery Division of Sabha Computers LLC have been serving the customers in United Arab Emirates since 2007. We are a group of Qualified Engineers Committed to serve the customers with the extensive knowledge and innovative technology. We are equipped with state of art tools and professionally trained engineers to alter any crisis. Our engineers have years of experience in data recovery and keeps their expertise up to date with daily practice. Over the years we have handled all kinds of cases from clients of all backgrounds. Our goal is not just to recover data, but to provide every client with the best and most informative customer service experience possible to deal with, what is potentially a crisis.

Why Lapcare Data Recovery Services is Unique.

  • The only Recovery lab in Dubai specialized to handle mechanical damages
  • Highest Success Rates
  • Vast Availability of Donor Drives & Spare Parts
  • Affordable pricing compared to other Recovery Labs
  • Fast Turnaround time
  • 100% Free Diagnostics
  • No Recovery No Charge Policy

why lapcare is unique

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