Server Raid Recovery


serverOwing years of experience and continuous rigorous training, we successfully mastered Raid data recovery. We use industry recognized and proprietary methods, tools and software to recover Raid data. If your Raid system has failed, we can help you recover your valuable data.

Raid data recovery is one of the most complex types of data recovery. This complexity stems from the very architecture of Raid, as well as from the high volume of data a typical Raid system stores. It is true that almost any Raid system has high fault tolerance, but it doesn’t make Raid arrays completely foolproof.

serverWe offer data recovery services for Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 5, Raid 6, Raid 10, Raid 50, Raid 0+1and other Raid type configurations. In addition to this, we offer Raid repair and reconstruction. Our Raid recovery engineers are capable of salvaging data in cases that other companies estimate to be beyond recovery. We utilize the most innovative methods, and our Raid recovery services are to the highest standard possible. Many IT professionals and companies rely solely on us for data recovery. Raid recovery cases are our top priority, as we are well aware of the utmost importance of Raid systems to any business institution.

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